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Brad Hickman flies a PolySail balanced lug sail in winning the 2011 PDRacer Worlds at Lake Eufala, Oklahoma.



We are constantly working to update this site, and a number of new links have been added and old links restored, including:

§          2012 PDRacer Worlds

§          18 Scows

§          Evolution of the amazing Z-PDR

§          2010-2012 Update to the Evolution of the Z-PDR

§          2009 PDRacer Worlds

§          Customer pictures

§          Free and Low Cost Boat Plans

§          Lightweight Mast

§          Non-binding Sail Hoisting System


The Links Pages have been updated and include special instructions for accessing a Sailing Simulator.


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To learn more about our white polytarp sails, sail kits, or PolySail® construction, click on the buttons above or scroll down to the additional buttons below and at the bottom of the page.  We offer a number of additional pages of interest to boatbuilders, such as our popular old boat plans (click on the three-masted clipper at the left) or our free and low cost boats pages.  Stay  up to date on sails we are building and new construction techniques we are using by becoming a fan of  PolySail International on Facebook  Clicking “Photos” and then “See All Photos” will bring up albums on a number of different sails and sail types we have constructed.

We also host a forum called Start Sailing @ 60 to encourage seniors to get involved with sailing. We are currently hosting a workshop on the building of a PDRacer called Dangerous Duck. Click 60 Sailing  to go to the site.


Build a $300 racing class sailboat! We’ve built four of these boats for our own use and helped build six more. Why? These boats are simple to build, stable on the water, and great fun to race. PolySail International supports this fast-growing, family-friendly, wide open sailboat class with calendar sales and competition sponsorships. It is also the only racing class that uses nearly all polytarp sails. Click the button to learn more.


Free and Low Cost Boats


This PolySail page is dedicated to families, youths and others who might want to try their hands at building a boat for the first time. Most of the plans require little investment in time or money, but pay off big in terms of learning, relationships, health, and  outdoor recreation.



PolySail racing? Well, I used to live near the most famous track in the US and maybe the entire world-the Indianapolis 500 Speedway, a.k.a. the Brickyard. And I really like NASCAR; so here’s a little boat for all of us speed fans.  Evolving from the lightweight Hot Tub scows (see below), this little racer/fishing boat scoots even with an electric trolling motor attached. Who needs a big bass boat?

Z-Boat with 5 hp Briggs & Stratton Power

Favorite Links


Here’s an updated list of carefully selected links related to polytarp sails and boatbuilding. IMPROVE YOUR SAILING SKILLS with National Geographic’s SAILING SIMULATOR or calculate the power of your sail with the SAILPOWER CALCULATOR.

History of Hot Tub Boats

Check out the evolution of our scow-type fishing boats from the Styrofoam-hulled Hot Tub to Hot Tub III, a tunnel hull disguised as a large box. (Also see Z-Boat above).

Styrofoam Hot Tub 2

Old Boat Designs


Here are some great old boat plans and designs from the late 1930's and early 1940's. My brother Dan, who collects antiques, bestowed an old coverless paperback upon me, and I've been pouring over these boat plans ever since.

Old Boat Plan

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PolySail International along with the Lake Vista Association sponsored its first Hoosier Regatta and Race in 2008 for PDRacers. This event was a model for other PDRacer messabouts. Click on the button for more info.

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Foolhardy was our first sharpie design. Trials showed her to be very fast, but she was built from leftovers and soon rotted when flooded in a winter storm. She’s now been given a new home.


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Click on the button to the left for instructions on building a lightweight box mast for your dinghy.


Weekender Sails

Weekender Sails


Click on the Weekender Jib & Gaff button to learn how to build the jib and gaff for this popular Stevenson Projects pocket cruiser from our 15' x 20' Weekender White PolySail Kit.




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